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Minimum Requirements to view the CD:

  • PC Software: 
    • Operating System: Microsoft 95, 98, NT 4, ME, 2000, XP
    • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 4/Netscape Navigator 4 and greater
    • QuickTime 5 for Microsoft OS (ships on CD)
  • Macintosh Software:
    • Operating System: Mac OS 7.5.5 and above
    • Internet Browser: Internet Explorer 4/Netscape Navigator 4 and greater for Mac OS
    • QuickTime 5 for Mac OS (ships on CD)
  • PC Hardware:
    • Pentium/100Mhz and higher
    • 28MB RAM
    • Video resolution = 256 colors or greater
    • 4x CD ROM Drive
  • Macintosh Hardware
    • Power PC, G3, or G4 CPU
    • 32MB RAM
    • Video resolution = 256 colors or greater
    • 4x CD ROM Drive


Viewing Features

  • Autorun: When using Windows 98 and greater, the CD will "autorun" when inserted into the CD-ROM drive.  Relative to your computers resources and other programs running, your computer may take a few seconds to load the program.  If the program doesn't begin when inserting the CD and you are using a supported OS, the "autorun" function may be turned off.  Although the Microsoft operating system's supported for this CD will have this feature, it may be disabled.  Refer to your Microsoft operating system manual for details on how to enable this feature.

  •   Thumbnails are small pictures with borders.    This feature allows you to view a small version but you can select the picture for a full view.  Your cursor will also change shapes, relative to the theme selected on your computer, as it moves over a thumbnail signifying the opportunity to select it.  When you select a thumbnail and it is enlarged in a new window, select the "back" button to return to the previous page.

  • Videos are displayed with a control bar utilizing QuickTime software.  If a broken connection is displayed in place of a video, install the QuickTime software provided on each CD or download it.  

  • Hyperlinks are words or phrases, noted by an underline or color of text different from that surrounding it, that performs a function.  Once again, your cursor will change shapes, relative to your computers theme, when it is place above a "hyperlink".  Hyperlinks are used throughout this product to display a different page or to email those involved with the creation and support of this product.
  •  Navigation Buttons are located on each page.  They will take you to the specific page as noted in the button.  The buttons displayed are relative to the current page you are viewing.


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