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Lift and enhance your facility to the premier media level by utilizing the latest industry technology to fully enrich your customers' experience.  We will work with you to compliment your current advertising and marketing efforts.  Let us show you how we can improve your Return on Equine Investment...

To request a facilities free sample or to inquire about our incentive program, which puts CASH in your pocket, email us at sales@equinemediacd.com.

For a FLAT rate, we won't limit you to the number of horses, information such as pedigree and accomplishments, number of pictures, or number of videos.  We want to encourage you to include all of them. 
  Place your entire facility in your customers hand without them leaving their own facility. 

Your own Domain name (.com, .net, .org) included with our product at NO additional charge


With our free email account, you will eliminate those yahoo, msn, and hotmail email accounts, which is bombarded with spam from industries not related to the equine.  We do not sell mailing lists.



To review more product advantages and how this product works for you, even if you already have a web site, check out our Information page.

To view exactly what features our product offers, view our Packages page.

Scenario: If you were charging a nominal $750 stud fee and we assisted you by reaching 5 new customers in the first year alone, our product has paid for itself!!! **
We will provide you a FREE Domain name, web page, and email account, so customers can request your facilities CD**
We will place your first advertisement communicating your facilities CD in the Journal of choice (a $200 value)**
As a valued customer, you will receive a $100.00 CASH incentive for recommending our product to a new facility, and that facility becomes our new customer**
And for returning customers, by simply reaching 3 new customers, the updated product has paid for itself**
**To review our CD packages and a simple calculation on how our product can make money for you, check out our Packages page.



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